Texas Panhandle Pistol Club

TPPC is in the same enclosed compound as A&S Lawnmower. Entry can be made thru the gate on either Line Ave or S. Lamar St. The range is located in the smaller building on the West end of the facility nearest to S Lamar.


The following information MUST be reviewed prior to showing up for a License to Carry Class at TPPC.  After arrival, participation in a safety class and a written test is required. 

(Current TPPC members need to bring their range entry card)

Range Rules and Regulations

-No target larger than the target backboards/holders are permitted. Place your target’s center level with the shooter’s shoulder.

-No firearm, may be drawn from a holster to shoot targets (the only exception being during a Club Shoot, or during an authorized IDPA practice or match).

-All firearms will be placed on the carpeted shelf at the front of the shooting booth with the muzzle pointed down range. All firearms will be drawn and shot from this shelf.

-No tactical shooting of any kind is allowed by individual members except during Club Shoots, or under the supervision of IDPA coaching

-You are required to sign in and out on the range sheet and record the caliber of ammunition you shot.

-You are to shoot only the target for the lane number from which you are shooting. Shooting targets in other lanes is prohibited.

-All TPPC firearm and ammunition restrictions will be adhered to at all times.

-Each time you visit the range, you are required to read the bulletin board located on the back wall in the waiting area. The bulletin board provides information, schedules of upcoming events, changes in rules and regulations, new member class dates, etc.

-You are required to report any damage done to the range, whether you yourself caused the damage, or you discovered it.

-Even though our heater is on a timer, it still needs to be turned off when you are the last person to leave the range.

-We recommend that lone shooters notify a friend before visiting the range, so that someone will check on them if they do not return within a reasonable time.

-Put all squib rounds (“duds,” misfires, etc) in the (clearly labeled) squib bucket. Under NO circumstances should squib rounds be deposited in the buckets reserved for spent brass.

-Each member is responsible for their own conduct as well as the conduct of their guests. We ask everyone to leave the range cleaner than they found it.



Firearm & Ammunition Range Restrictions

-TPPC is designed primarily for shooting pistols. In order to maintain a safe range and to avoid endangering our members and the public, we reserve the right to prohibit the discharge of specific ammunition calibers, classes of ammunition, and classes of firearms.

-Anyone violating the firearm or ammunition restrictions will be expelled from the club and forfeit all rights and privileges afforded a TPPC club member.

-No rifles of any caliber except .22 rimfire rifle may be used on the range.      .17 caliber rifles are prohibited.

-All centerfire rifle cartridges of any caliber are prohibited, as are all shotguns of any kind.

-Full-automatic or semi-automatic firearms capable of firing in automatic mode are prohibited.

-Remington XP-100 and Thompson Center pistols or any other pistol capable of firing a rifle cartridge are prohibited.

-Pistol calibers larger than .45 are prohibited.     The following are specifically prohibited: .357 Remington Super Max, .445 Super Max and .454 Casull.

-All .44 Remington Mag cartridges must either be semi-jacketed hollow point, jacketed soft point, or lead.

-All reloaded and factory ammunition must not exceed muzzle velocities of 1610 ft/sec or 1036 ft/lbs muzzle energy.

- No steel rounds are allowed.