License to Carry Class

When: TBD (To request a class use our contact form)

Where: TPPC or ASC

Time: 8:00 a.m. to ~3:00 p.m.

Cost: $75 plus Range Fee of $14 or $5 dependent on range used (No Refunds)

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Forms of Payment Accepted: Cash, Check Payable to Douglas Smith ($30 Return Fee), or PayPal ( A $30 deposit is required to secure a seat in the class. Feel free to pay in advance using PayPal...

Failure to complete class or pass proficiency test will not constitute grounds for a refund.


Range Fees ($14) are to be paid directly to Amarillo Shooting Complex on day of class. If scheduling permits, the proficiency test will be given at Texas Panhandle Pistol Club with a $5 Range Fee.

What to bring to the class:

1) Range Safety Card* (Anyone that does not have a safety test on file with the range will need to take the test before they can shoot.) WE WILL BE SHOOTING FIRST. IF YOU NEED TO PRACTICE OR BECOME FAMILIAR WITH A NEW FIREARM, DO SO BEFORE THE MORNING OF CLASS.

2) Drivers License or State ID 

3) Eye Protection (Prescription glasses and sunglasses are o.k.)

4) Hearing protection (Electronic Shooting earmuffs are preferred, but earplugs are acceptable and Standard earmuffs are acceptable. Standard earmuffs are better than earplugs)

5) Range Appropriate Clothing: Long Sleeve Shirt (Recommended, but not required. However, your shirt needs to have a tight neckline to keep hot brass from going down the front of your shirt); Ball Cap (to help keep hot brass from getting behind your safety glasses; Close Toed Shoes. (No Flip-flops or Sandals)

6) Pistol (can be a semiautomatic or a revolver; .32 or larger caliber, but less than .50 cal.) Pistol must meet the Range Rules for the range being used.  Laser and optical sights may not be used during the proficiency demonstration. If anyone plans to share a firearm, I need to know in advance. I can provide a firearm and ammo for $20. Do NOT bring your firearm or Ammo into the classroom. Firearm and magazines must be unloaded when you come to the range. 

7) 50 rounds of ammo Bring extra ammo, in case you don't qualify on the first opportunity, or you end up with a box of bad ammo.  Ammo must be SAAMI certified and MUST be in the manufacturers original packaging. No hand reloads or +P+ ammo will be allowed. All ammo is subject to inspection prior to use on the range.

8) Bring a Lunch and Snacks for the day. If the class is held at the Amarillo Shooting Complex range, please be aware that the range is not conveniently located for taking a lunch break....  Vending machines are on-site, but may not be working.

A printed copy of the latest (2017 - 2018) LTC-16 pamphlet, a compilation of Texas License to Carry a Handgun Laws & Selected Statutes will be available for purchase for $5, or you can download a digital copy by searching LTC-16 on Google.

Additional Information on applying for a LTC and answers to other questions that you might have on the application process can be found on the Texas DPS website FAQ's.

For Questions about scheduling a class, contact Doug at

To request a class date, please contact us using our inquiry form to set up a new class. Minimum class size applies.